máy rót polyurethane đàn hồi

Polyurethane Elastomer Pouring Machine

Tính năng thiết bị:

Homogeneous mixing, no bubbles.
Hot oil circulation constant temperature system
High precision metering pump
PLC touch screen human-computer interface control
Equipped with vacuum degassing device.

Đặc điểm:

Sandwich type material tanks, good heat preservation.
PLC touch screen human-computer interface control,easy to use, clear operation status situation.
New type mixing head, even mixing, low noise, sturdy and durable .
High precision pump, accurate metering.
Easy for maintenance, operation and repair.
Low energy consumption.

Các thông số kỹ thuật:

Vôn380V 50Hz
Đầu ra250-800 g/s; 1-3.5kg/min;2-5kg/min; 3-8kg/min; 5-15kg/min
Material bucket volume30L-500L
Quyền lực25-35KW
Injection Pressure0,01-0,1Mpa
Injection time0.5~99.99S (correct to 0.01S)
mixing headAround 6000rpm, forced dynamic mixing
compressed air requirementDry, oil free  P:0.6-0.8MPa
Q: 600L / phút (Khách hàng thuộc sở hữu)
Vacuum requirementP:6X10-2Pa
speed of exhaust:15L/S
Input powerThree-phrase five-wire,380V 50HZ
Temperature control system18 ~ 24KW
Color (selectable)Cream-colored / deep blue
Cân nặng2000kg